Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feeling Golden

The Baltimore Orioles added to their collection of Gold Glove winners yesterday when Nick Markakis & Matt Wieters were handed the awards for their respected positions. This is the first time in 13 years that the Orioles have had multiple Gold Glove Award winners. It's about damn time Nicky got a Gold Glove...although his batting has dropped the past couple years, the one thing he can do is make a diving catch! Even when he doesn't dive, he's mowing down baserunners on the reg! Wieters (2011 All-Star) knows what it's like to throw out a baserunner or two. His fielding really picked up in 2011, and his bat finally started to come alive the last month of the season.

Here are a few quotes from the guys on receiving the honorable awards:

Matt Wieters-“I take a lot of pride in the award. It’s definitely something I always work at to get better, and to be able to win a Gold Glove, I’m honored to be in the same class as the other great catchers in the game defensively. It’s an honor for sure. I’m very blessed to be able to win the award this early in my career. I think it’s a tough award to win because different coaches are going to see you at different times. We have some guys like J.J. Hardy who could have won the ward, but you’re not always going to get the votes. Just to be considered in the same class as the top three or four defenders at your position is pretty special.”

Nick Markakis-“First off, just to be talked about in a class with a group of guys is one thing, it’s pretty cool. It’s definitely an honor. …it was a shock a little bit, it kind of shocked me. I know the [other] guys, the reputation that the guys have. It was definitely a cool honor and something I’ll always remember.”

Now, if only Peter Angelos would get lost at sea...