Monday, November 7, 2011

Latest STFU DeAngelo Hall Moment...

I won't waste any one's time, so here's the quote:

"It's almost like your little brother. Obviously you can't go beat up an 8-year old. If you're 15 years old, all you can do is keep training your little brother — hey, this is what we need to do, dude will come at you, throw your hands up, duck and weave, bob and weave, throw this punch, keep attacking em — but it ain't much more we can do. We can't, defensively, go out there and play offense.

"They're three-and-out, is it frustrating? Yeah. Do we want them to pick up first downs and score? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, if that's not happening, all I can do is try to be positive and try to say hey guys, let’s go, let's go make a play. They can't make a play, let's go make a play for them. That's just trying to be a leader and trying to stay positive. Everybody could bash dang near everything going on. It's easy to do that. It's harder to try to stay positive and keep guys upbeat."

Shut the F*CK UP! If there wasn't a divide in the locker room before, there is now. DeAngelo might make a play here and there, but he is up there as one of the most overpaid, overrated players at any position. There is one leader on this TEAM, let alone the defense, and his name is London Fletcher. And what needs to happen is for London to backhand this man. You don't see the offense complaining when DeAngelo gives up ANOTHER third and long to his receiver do you? Well you might now because the gloves are off. There is a reason Mike Shanahan is very vague when talking about the team's problems. Once you single someone or a part of the team out to the media, they run with it. I guarantee you Shanahan is much more blunt when speaking with his players. And if DeAngelo wants to tell the offense directly that he's frustrated with them, brilliant, do it!

As usual though, Hall stirs the pot. My advice? I don't know Hall as a person, but from what I have seen over and over again as a player, get rid of this guy and do it quickly, You paid to get rid of Albert, pay to dump Hall.

Am I being too harsh? Is it cool that DeAngelo called out the offense? Let me know in the comments section.