Monday, November 14, 2011

Missing the Point(s)

Already we're heading into Week 11 of the 2011 season, and still the Redskins find themselves struggling to find their identity. Injuries have played a serious role in the downfall of this season, but with so many unknowns entering the was hard to predict where the Skins would stand.

The defense started the year off with a swagger that we've become accustomed to seeing. Recently though they've shown a lack of effort/desire until the other team steps inside the redzone. Besides the surprising play of Ryan Kerrigan, and the continued development of Brian Orakpo...there isn't much to be excited about when staring down these 11 men. Even the leadership of London Fletcher can't save this unit. Yesterday they were punished yet again, this time against a 1-7 Miami team that has way more issues than the Skins do!

The coaches decided to toss the ball back to Mr. Fatty Mcfatfat Rex Grossman to try and jump start this woeful offensive unit. I didn't have a problem with this change because I thought it would help the development of our young receiving corp (Hankerson: 8 catches 106 yards). Other than that, I would sum our performance up in one word...Fail! There's no reason to turn back to John Beck though, unless Rex Grossman refuses to stop going to Taco Bell after each meeting/practice/game.

Without the normal offseason preparations earlier this year, the Skins are still struggling to find out who they are. They didn't get the time to work with the coaches, and have yet to gel as an entire group. There's nothing to do the rest of this year except drink heavily throughout the game, and hope to pass out before it's over!