Friday, November 11, 2011

Scatterbrain Caps Thoughts

Welcome back Mike Green! Finally he is probable for tonight's game against the New Jersey Devils. This should be a big boost for the Cap's power play and defense. To be honest, the defense lately has looked straight up lazy. Carlson and Wideman can be seeing puck-watching at important moments giving up easy goals. Opposing players are sitting outside of the crease with ease, blinding our goalies and deflecting pucks into the net or gobbling up rebounds. Where is the fire on defense? 

Apparently Cap's coach Bruce Boudreau is sick of it too because according to him, the Cap's had their toughest 90 minute practice since his first year behind the bench. I say GOOD. This team has spectacular talent and sometimes it seems they play like they can win without breaking a sweat. According to Karl Alzner, “Teams that win the Cup are always working their bags off and they’re tired after every game. I think sometimes we’re mentally tired after games but not physically tired.”

That's not good. After 60 minutes on the ice, you should be exhausted. To say that the players aren't giving it their all every night is upsetting. We haven't even been CLOSE to winning the Stanley Cup yet and the players don't have the drive to give it up each and every night? This upsets me as it should every Caps fan. I doubt any of these players want to look back at their career and think, "I could have done more." 

We'll see tonight if that practice has any effect on their play. I hope it does, because we aren't going anywhere if we can only get fired up when the Penguins come to town. There are 28 other teams that are going to go balls to the wall to show that they can play with the Caps, and sometimes it looks like we just let them.