Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome Home Dale Hunter!

If anybody has to come in to fill the void at coach...I'm happy it's a hometown hero! He was hard-nosed, tough, and borderline dirty, but he knew what it took to win, and that's why his jersey is hanging at the phone booth! Hopefully he can inject that same style of play into these Caps. Here are my Top 5 favorite clips of Hunter back when he was playing with the Caps.







1 comment:

  1. on #5- Kjell is still a bitch

    on #4 - Bill Clement sucked back then like he sucks now.

    on 3A - Mario's a bitch for sitting on the bench and tapping Olie with his stick when Olie's going after the guy (1:03 mark).

    on #1 - can't get enough of that.