Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Right on Schedule (Part 2 of 3)

Everyone has decided that the "Megaminds" (Shanny & Kyle) have been a disaster. I've heard radio guys saying "Mike's only here to help his son out", "Kyle doesn't know what he's doing, and never had full reign while he was Offensive Coordinator for Houston..he has no experience!", "Mike has to fire Kyle!" Now take a moment, and let that marinate in your mind for a few seconds. The football know-it-alls also say things such as "We should have drafted a QB last year instead of taking Kerrigan", "Our offensive line again has no depth", Both our QB's are 4th string at best", "there's a serious lack of weapons at the playmaker positions". Hmmmm...
ARE YOU SH!TT!NG ME MAN?!?! Which one is it? Get rid of Kyle? Or get better players? It can't be both, or we're starting all over. Like I said yesterday, this is a rebuilding "process" & it doesn't happen over night. If only we would stop criticizing and start looking at the positives. Last offseason we spent a good chunk of money adding to our offensive line. We added quality players, not great, but solid pieces. Chris Chester I believe will start again next year. Will Montgomery, although he isn't the sexiest pick at Center is still a huge upgrade over Casey Rabach. And Trent Williams before he got hurt was starting to look like the player we had hoped he would be. Now imagine this team next year with a couple more pieces like a RT, and possibly a LG to compete with Jammal Brown, and Kory Lichtensteiger. We still have young talent in Maurice Hurt and Erik Cook who has been thrust into a starting position. Boom...now you have 9 linemen who will be experienced, and make this unit pretty deep.
We're still missing that tall go-to receiver to compliment Santana Moss, and that should be a point of emphasis next offseason. The jury is still out on Leonard Hankerson, Terrence Austin, and Niles Paul. But because of injuries this year we'll know a lot more about them, and if they'll fit into the equation by the end of the year.
The tight end position is still going to be your strength next year. Keep the consistency with these 3 young men and they should be dynamite if they can stay healthy. And people are insane if they think getting rid of Cooley is the answer!
Tim Hightower will surely be missed the rest of the year mainly because of his pass-blocking. Ryan Torain and Roy Helu still have plenty to learn. The running back position is a mystery for next year, but I like what I see out of Helu, and I'll be watching closely to see if Tashard Choice can bring anything to the table.
Finally, the QB position. Where do we even start? Rex Grossman..I promise you you'll get another shot this season, but only because John Beck will be giving a thumbs up to the crowd while on a stretcher. Sorry John, you're a very likable guy, always says the right things and you can see how badly he wants this job. Problem is, he doesn't have much experience, he's 30, and he probably had a better offense around him in woeful Miami. I think it's very likely depending on his performance the rest of the year, that Beck will be back next year. If nothing more than to groom a young QB because he knows that offense (and will know it better after a full offseason with OTA's) and he's a decent backup who's mobile (enough) in the pocket.
After reading everything I've said about the offense, how could you possibly say that it's time for Kyle to be fired. Is his playcalling flawless? Absolutely not. But he's still young. You give him a QB, more weapons at the skill positions, and a few more linemen..and I promise you we'll be singing a different tune. We need consistency here in DC more than anything else. So Mr. Allen, please don't chime in to the radio between 5am-7pm, don't ever read skins articles in the local paper or on the Internet, and just keep your TV off. Consistency is the key, and that's something we've lacked for a very, very long time!

Skins 4 Life!

-Brian Mitchell's quote from Shanny's press conference yesterday: "This defense needs more guys like ME! Tough S.O.B.'s and we only have one...DeAngelo" WTF??
I couldn't even get to the defense today because listening to B-Mitch makes me want to play in traffic. So tomorrow will be the 3rd and final piece to this article.

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