Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Name Sean Taylor will Echo...

Apparently for quite some time, a DC blogger has been biting his tongue, holding back the urge to tell the Redskins fans to get over the death of Sean Taylor. Now, some of what he is saying makes sense in the most general way. Sean Taylor should be remembered as a man who died protecting his family, not because of his skills on the football field. I humbly respect this man's opinion and more so, his right to express it. I'll express mine right here.

Sean Taylor will forever, and I do not exaggerate, forever be remembered as a great Redskin. Sean Taylor isn't the first professional football player to pass away during his prime. Pat Tillman has been mentioned as someone who should be remembered for giving his life in defense of this country and I absolutely agree. His name should be mentioned in the same breathe as Sean's for the fact that they died honorably. Sean Taylor died protecting those he loved most. He became known for his skills on the football field at Miami, made a name for himself as an elite safety as a Redskin, and will be remembered as a hero. Redskins fans won't forget it, and nor should they. Players like Santana Moss keep his memory alive by trying to play as Sean did. Fans remember Sean Taylor because he represented everything we want from a player; dedication, courage and excitement. Who is anyone to say when one should stop grieving or remembering someone who has passed.
Clinton Portis will never forget #21
 I know guys who still aren't over old girlfriends, let alone a fallen friend.
Sean Taylor was a man. On and off the football field, he proved that. As a fan, I will always remember how he played on the football field with passion and love for the game. I will always remember where I was and how I felt when I heard of his passing.

Someone who isn't a Redskins fan will remember Sean Taylor as a man who gave his life in the defense of his family, not for his skills on the football field. I couldn't care less if they remember him as one of the most athletes to ever play the game. Redskins fans will remember him for both, and they should.

Most professional athletes are looked up to as heroes, but Sean actually was one. For this reason, the name  Sean Taylor  will  always  be a name that  echos from  generation to generation. . .

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