Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Embrace the Old Caps

Go back to 2009. The Caps enter the postseason leading the league in scoring with 318 goals, Ovechkin and Backstrom both record over 100 points, yet the Caps lose to Montreal 4 games to 3 in the first round. Since then, Boudreau has preached a tighter form of play, one that prides itself in its back check as much as it does its fore check. This was embraced by the fan base as the right way to play the game in order to win in the playoffs. Since then, different style of play, same results in the playoffs. I say, to hell with that style. The Caps are back in the swing of things, having won 2 straight, with 4 goals in each game. And that my friends, is Caps hockey. Throw the puck at the net as many times as you can. We have players capable of making their own scoring chances. Come playoff time, keep that same attitude and tell opposing teams to bring it.
Now, I'm not saying Semin, Ovechkin and Backstrom don't need to back check. I'm saying, let them loose. Give them free reign like the Redskins did with Sean Taylor. Give them the ice, and challenge them to bring back the Stanley Cup. Thinking about that mentality and writing it is getting me fired up to watch some Caps hockey the way it was almost 3 seasons ago. Three years ago we didn't have the weapons we have now on defense. We didn't have John Carlson, Karl Alzner or the up and coming Dmitry Orlov. We didn't have Roman Hamrlik or Dennis Wideman. We also didn't have Neuvirth or Vokoun in net, we had Jose Theodore, who moved from pipe to pipe slower than Jeff Schultz skates.
This time next week we will be playing the Pittsburgh Penguins avec Sidney Crosby (who scored 2 goals with 2 assists in his first game back in almost a year). The game is at home, and as usual the Phone Booth should be rocking big time. This is going to be a statement game for both teams. The Penguins will be looking to ride the wave of excitement Crosby has brought back to Pittsburgh, and the Caps will be looking to stomp that fire out.
Bylsma is going to be up for the Jack Adams trophy once again for the fact that they haven't missed a beat without Crosby. The reason being that they play Penguins hockey year in and year out. The Caps need to play CAPS HOCKEY. Let's get back to where we were and stop thinking so much. I was all for the change when it happened two years ago, but I'm off it. I want the Caps to play fast paced hockey and make the game fun for the players again, because honestly, they seem more worried than the fans.

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