Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where the Redskins Are

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The Redskins are sliding butt first straight into turkey day riding a 6 game losing streak. 7-9 seems like climbing Mt. Everest at this point so I'm thinking 5-11 right now. Two weekends of the unexpected mixed in with 4 weekends of the expected. At this point in the season, it's time to look at what the Redskins have achieved, and what direction the compass is pointing for next season. Although Skins fans and critics everywhere are grossly underwhelmed with this season, I have a slightly different outlook on the year. The Skins, as they are built right now, are a team that needed everything to go their way in order to win. There is zero margin for error. Play mistake-free, injury-free football, and you win. We simply do not have the skill, or the depth to overcome any kind of adversity (8+ injuries to offensive starters, multiple turnovers each game). What else don't we have? We don't have a leader at quarterback. A leader, is what we need, he doesn't have to be Manning or Brady, he just needs to lead. Look at that guy in Denver that everyone loves talking about. I would put my money on John Beck and Rex Grossman over him in any passing competition. The thing is, Tebow has that leadership quality that this team has been lacking for 25+ years, without exaggeration. Since Mark Rypien and Joe Theisman, we haven't had a quarterback start for 5 straight years. How big is this statistic? Lets take a look at the teams who have, (and I'll just look at teams in the past 10 years):

  • New England Patriots- Tom Brady
  • Indianapolis Colts- Peyton Manning
  • New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees
  • Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo
  • San Diego Chargers- Philip Rivers
  • New York Giants- Eli Manning
  • Pittsburgh Steelers- Ben Rothelisburger
  • Philadelphia Eagles- Donovan McNabb
  • Houston Texans- Matt Schaub
  • Cincinnati Bengals- Carson Palmer
  • Minnesota Vikings- Daunte Culpepper
  • Jacksonville Jaguars- David Garrard
  • Tennessee Titans- Steve McNair
  • Carolina Panthers- Jake Delhomme
  • New York Jets- Chad Pennington
  • St Louis Rams- Marc Bulger
  • Seattle Seahawks- Matt Hasselbeck

That is 17 teams, and it will grow by at least 3 next year. 

This is why the quarterback situation needs to be addressed, but it needs to be done carefully. As I have said before, if we want someone to lead this team for at the very least 5 years, it had damn well better be the right one. Until then, we are part of that bottom third of the league that is floating around in NFL obscurity, looking for an anchor.

Next up, the coaches. Mike and Kyle Shanahan are still under the microscope as far as everyone is concerned. The big story in their first year was McNabb, and the uproar when he was benched. That move doesn't look so bad now does it? McNabb went to a much better Vikings squad and proceeded to get benched for the second straight year. The other big problem has been the play calling, which I attribute to injuries and lack of talent not allowing them to do what they want to do, and the they are lacking a field general to really allow this offense to work. What I don't like, is how Mike answers questions during press conferences, or should I say the way he doesn't. If we were winning, fine, but we're not. He ignores every question and responds with a bland, vague statement. Another problem I have is that I'm not sold on his commitment to being a Redskin. Gibbs bled burgundy and gold, and we haven't had a coach with that kind of passion since him. I like that Bruce Allen is here to provide some of that passion, but I want a coach who will share that as well.

There is obviously much more to talk about, so I will gather my thoughts and get back to the Redskins. Until then, fill me in on your thoughts in the comments section.