Sunday, November 6, 2011

Skins vs. Niners- Let's See Some FIRE!

Seeing as how our offense has been playing so well, why not bring in the league's number one defense to test it? This game might be littered with Boo's all game long, then again, Mike Shanahan had never been shut out before last week, so maybe he's extra motivated to erase that from his memory.

The only way I see the skins coming out with a surprise victory is if they can stop Frank Gore, and cause a few turnovers from Alex Smith. If Frank Gore tears up the defense for 150+ total yards, don't expect a pretty scoreboard.

The Skins do have some things to feel good about however. Trent Williams will be back at left tackle, Fred Davis is slated to start at tight end, and it can't possibly be worse than last week, right? Here is a quick run-down of what I want to see in today's game.

  • Come out passing: I know this isn't what most people are saying, but think about it. Get the defense moving backwards with a couple quick slants and then when they think we're going run, play-action bootleg and go deep. This will get John Beck confident early, and help keep the offensive line fresh. This leaves the run game wide open.
  • Let LaRon Landry blitz some more. One of the main reasons teams are running well against us is because they are expecting outside pressure from Orakpo and Kerrigan, so they pull one of the tackles inside, and let the outside pressure in. By the time Orakpo or Kerrigan is in the backfield, the runner is already heading up field, straight up the gut. Run a couple stunt blitzes where Fletcher takes one gap and Landry crosses to the other gap and stuff the middle. Peel Orakpo or Kerrigan back into middle coverage. 
  • Play with intensity: The first few weeks, the Redskins came out and looked confident, and played with a fire that I haven't seen in years. We have avoided the usual locker room drama, so what's the excuse this time? No outside distractions, I want to see focus. 
I hope to see an angry team today. If they come out slow, I really don't expect that to change as the game goes on. The key here is to set the tempo early and let the 49er's know that this is Washington D.C. and we don't quit. I don't want to give Brian Mitchell any garbage to talk about after the game. 

I was diggin the gold pants with the white jerseys last week. Love that there is more gold and less white in the uni's this year! I can only hope that trend keeps going. Let's bring back the "R" logo!

I won't make a prediction for this game because all I'm looking for is to see what kind of mentality they have. We don't have a complete playoff roster, but that doesn't mean they don't have heart. If they come out sluggish again, you can't help but wonder about the preparation this team goes through during the week.

Players to watch: LaRon Landry and Trent Williams

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