Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thank you COOLEY!

"I've listened to everyone call in, and I've listened to everyone talk about our staff, and this is what I like about it," Cooley said Monday on the LaVar and Dukes show. "Our fan base hates our owner, ok, because he can't ever keep a coach, he'll never keep players, he'll never keep guys around, he changes it, it's like a fantasy football team to him. But then everyone calls in and says we gotta get rid of Kyle Shanahan, we gotta get rid of Mike Shanahan, we gotta get rid of these players, we gotta trade Chris Cooley.

"So you criticize Dan Snyder for trading coaches and players every year and trying to do things every year, and then you call and say this is what we’ve got to do? I hate it. What we've got to do is keep consistency over a period of time, and continue to try to build, trust me, under Mike Shanahan, who knows football and knows players."

Nice rant Cooley! Here's a guy who consistently says the right thing. He stood by Jim Zorn, and now he's standing by Shanahan. And guess what, he's saying the right thing again.

If you look at comments from fans around the league, no one respects Skins fans anymore. Every year our hopes are over-inflated, no matter what our roster looks like. We want so desperately to be respected again that we end up looking like a needy girlfriend, begging for attention. 

Where is a lot of this Bullsh*t coming from? I'll give you a hint, his name rhymes with Bad Pukes.

Chad Dukes claims it is "unacceptable" that we will be going into Shanahan's 3rd year without a franchise quarterback. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What is unacceptable is having to listen to a late night WRESTLING radio show host tell us what is acceptable and unacceptable. Where is this franchise quarterback he's talking about? Did we miss an opportunity that I didn't see? Should we have traded away all of our draft picks to get Cam Newton? Because that would have taken every draft pick we own. For the first time in years, we were able to fill some needs through the draft. We have a serious pass rush for the first time in years. The fact that we DIDN'T draft a quarterback last year is a huge positive in my book. The coaching staff is being patient. Of course it's frustrating to lose, but at least we are building. We all know what we need, and Rick mentioned these things in his blog. But what should be chosen carefully is the quarterback position. If we want someone to come here and be OUR leader for the next 15 years, it had better be the right one. If not, all this work is just a waste of time, and Shanahan will be gone after his contract is up, leaving us right back at square one.

So please Chad, keep it up, maybe the Skins will never be respected again.