Wednesday, November 16, 2011

End the Lockout!!!

Two nights ago at the Juliet Supper Club on West 21st Street in Manhattan, there was a shooting that killed one man, and injured another. Pro athletes at the club that night included Kemba Walker, Russell Westbrook, Victor Cruz, Chris Canty, Chris Duhon, Carlos Boozer, & Antrel Rolle among others when the shooting broke out. Usually this wouldn't be a headline in local sports news..but here's the issue...John Wall was there. For an area that is still trying to cope with the passing of the late great Sean Taylor, I can't even begin to think of what we'd be feeling if something were to happen to Wall.

I understand that this type of event can happen at any place and any time, but I would rather it not involve Jimmy Wall! He's the best thing the Wizards have going right now, and he's a hell of a kid. If this damn lockout would end we'd be able to get back to watching him shine, and not escaping situations like this.

Besides, doing "The John Wall" dance without basketball is just getting me weird looks around town.


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