Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hall named NFC Defensive player of the week

Welcome DeAngelo Hall the cornerback. . .

I know we like to rag on DeAngelo Hall here at Fight on DMV, but the man had a stellar game this week in Seattle. Just one week after calling himself out for his low level of play, Hall, by my standards, had his best game as a Redskin (and yes I do remember his 4 interception game against the Bears). Hall is known better as a play maker than a cornerback. He'll get burned from time to time because he goes for the big play. Last Sunday against Seattle, it looked like DeAngelo went out to try to be the best cornerback he could be, and lets hope he continues to do so.

Here's the stat line from Sunday's game: 7 tackles, 7 passes deflected and one game ending interception. These are the stats you want from your number one corner. I have most definitely given Hall a ton of crap for calling out wide receivers and then subsequently getting lit up by them. For that reason, I commend D-Hall for his play this past week. He didn't say a word all week, and come Sunday, he spoke with his actions. If this is a sign of the future, I'm on board, because that was one hell of a cornerback I saw out there in Seattle.

Your thoughts?

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