Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's no secret that Alex Semin and his hefty $6.7million contract has been on the trading block for awhile now. Not surprisingly, his trade value right now is about a -100. He's in the last year of his contract, so first tbought would be to trade him to a team looking for a playoff push...buuut it's not happening with that contract.

The current Caps roster is anything but a championship caliber squad. Will they make the playoffs? I have no doubt, but if you believe they'll make it very're just not very smart. This team was hand-picked for Boudreau's system. They're a run & gun type team who occasionlly plays lock down defense. Dale Hunter is doing his best to implement his system..but the players just don't fit the mold. I wish it were different, but I can see this unfolding very quickly come April or May.

The trade deadline is February 27th, and I would hate to see GMGM wait until then to scramble for a deal. You give up way more when your back is against the wall, and I dont think it gives you enough time to gel as a team (i.e. Jason Arnott). There are 36 games left in the season and a change needs to be made now!

This team is anything but consistant & I want nothing more than to see this team go far into May & June. But it ain't happenin with these guys. With virtually no cap space, a decent trade is hard to come by.

Here's my scenario for you to ponder:

Caps Trade:
-John Carlson (2012 RFA)
-Alex Semin (2012 UFA)
-Jeff Schultz (2014 UFA)

Edmonton Oilers Trade:
-Ryan Smyth (2012 UFA)
-Andy Sutton (2013 UFA)
-3rd Round Draft Pick

The Caps finally rid themselves of Semin & Schultz' large contracts. The only downside is giving away a young prospering talent like Carlson. But if Ted Leonsis & GMGM are serious about making a run this year..this is a trade that could do it for you!

Yes, Smyth & Sutton are both 35+, and yes, Smyth can walk away after this year. But these are the type of players that Hunter can coach, and they're tough gritty veterans that this team has SERIOUSLY been lacking for a few years now. Ryan Smyth also has a "no movement clause" in his contract, but I'm pretty certain he would accpet a trade to give him another shot at the Cup before he retires. The Oilers can take on these contracts and still stay under the salary cap, while the Caps should have almost $2million more to spend maybe come late February.

I can see many fans wondering where our scoring will come from now that Semin is gone...well folks, he only has 11 goals this year through 46 games. And we all know he disappears come playoff time. Didn't Georgey boy go out and get Joel Ward for our playoff scoring punch anyway?? If you don't understand my humor...THAT WAS A JOKE.

In all seriousness though, my hope is that the Caps have already thought of this trade & it's in the works of actually happening. Here are the line-ups that would come of this trade:



I really think this line-up is playoff tested, and could really make a difference! What do you all think??

Fight On Caps!

Friday, January 20, 2012

NATIONAL ALERT: Don't Become the Next UNC Walk-on

Dear future North Carolina basketball walk-ons,

I know playing for a Division I University with a storied hardwood history such as UNC  is very enticing. Especially for 18 or 19 year old kids. But please think about your options before trying out for the mighty Tar Heels.

After witnessing what took place last week between UNC & Florida State I couldn't help but get a little pissed off when thinking about the 5 young men that not only the rest of the team left hanging, but also their "almighty" coach Roy Williams left them to get trampled on by over 7,000 FSU students & fans.

After the game Williams was quoted saying that he was worried about his female team managers getting knocked down again. Yet you take all but 5 players back to the locker room before the game ends? This display by Roy Williams & UNC was nothing short of an embarrassment to not only the team but the whole University.

If I were one of those 5 players left to fend for myself while the rest of my teammates were chilling in the locker room with my "Hall of Fame" coach...I would've picked up my stuff and walked right out on them. They showed you their lack of respect for you not only as a basketball player, but also for your well-being. How can a coach be more worried about himself getting hurt than his walk-ons who bust their asses everyday in practice?

So, in conclusion, to you future college bench-warmers, try coming to a real team & University like Maryland. We don't walk out on each other in a team game. And Coach Turgeon damn sure wouldn't turn his back on you, & start running for the tunnel while you try to fight off an entire gym full of crazy ass fans.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Setting the Tone

Speculation has been flying around over the past week about what the Caps will do to Rene Bourque when he faces Washington for the first time since sending Nick Backstrom to IR. After the initial incident, the media was all over the team for not standing up for their teammate, not to mention their best player so far this year. You can't let other teams in this league think that you're soft or they'll take advantage of you everytime they play you.

The first names that come to mind when thinking of who will try and fight Bourque are Hendricks, Brouwer, or Chimera. Erskine is out of his weight class, not to mention out of the lineup for the time being. But why should it always be up to these players to stand up for their teammates? Is it part of their job? I guess so. But shouldn't you expect the same thing from dare I say..their Captain???

Alex Ovechkin isn't known around the league for having hammer fists, but when you don the "C" on your jersey you better be ready to do whatever it takes to lead your team. Some may say that Ovi needs to just worry about scoring... I say f*ck that.

Ovechkin needs to be the one to set the tone tonight. Whether it's zeroing in on Rene for huge hit after hit, getting after him after the whistle for the full 60 minutes, or dropping the gloves.

This is what we need, and should come to expect of our Captain no matter who the opponent is.
I'm looking for Ovi to come out targeting more than just the net tonight. And if he shy's away for the most part tonight..then maybe we should start thinking of who should really be "leading" this hockey team.

Fight On Caps!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disturbing Wizards Tweets from their Weekend in Philly

Philly just outscored the Wizards 223-179 in back to back wins. Here's what the players have to say...

Booker, one of my favorite players on the team is looking forward to his steak dinner.

Javale McGee is looking at hilarious pictures online.

Jordan Crawford is trying to expand his wardrobe. I really hope someone was able to help him out...

And there's Nick Young, finally someone saying they need to work harder. But where's the team unity?

John Wall didn't tweet it, but he's carrying the weight of the loss on his back, "I feel like I lost the game." His season high 8 turnovers definitely didn't help, but there are a ton of problems here. This team does not have any foundation to build off. This team needs yet another restart. Lewis, Blatche and maybe even Nick Young need to go. I like Nick Young as a person, but if I'm being honest, he'd be better off playing under a veteran and learning how to win. The Wizards need their own London Fletcher. Until then, they'll keep piling on the losses and as Flip Saunders so deftly stated yesterday, "playing like Space Jam."

Very glad I didn't continue my season ticket contract this year...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Peyton Madness

With all of the rumors flying around today about Peyton Manning & Jeff Saturday coming to DC in exchange for who even knows, it got me thinking?? Most likely we'd give up about 4 first round draft picks. And I only know one GM dumb enough to do that...where's Vinny C at?! I know he's behind this somehow! Anyways I got pretty much the same reaction from everyone I asked when talking about this trade, "Don't do it! Unless it's a bargain". Which I'm sure it's not, at least not for the Redskins.

I was going to write more to this article..but I found this video on Youtube that I couldn't stop watching. I'm intrigued, but yet weirded out all at the same time. Enjoy...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rookie Hazing

I'll be the first to admit that after seeing Dale Hunter & GMGM bring up a young 22-year old defenseman from Hershey who has no NHL experience to play against the hated Pittsburgh Penguins...I was pissed. Mainly because the new guy, Tomas Kundratek, will be starting..over a healthy John Erskine.

For a team that's already lacking the toughness of a playoff team, and who has no real rugged defensmen outside of baffles me that "now" is the time to throw this kid into the fire. He's also starting over Jeff "Pillows" Schultz, but let's be real, does anybody care? Good news out of the locker room today is that Pillows is growing tired of sitting every game, and he may be looking to bolt. Problem is, Georgie Boy signed him to a contract that's paying him $2.75/mil over the next couple seasons. Any takers?? I didn't think so.

Erskine may not be an elite defenseman in the league, but he brings the toughness that every goalie loves having in front of them. He'll clear the crease in a heartbeat, and stick up for his teammates no matter who the opponent is. He called out Aaron Asham for his shot against Beags earlier in the season, and threw some insane haymakers against him in their last meeting.

Even with a couple of the Penguins best players out, they are still capable of putting a whooping on a Caps team that doesn't seem to have the "kill" factor at this junction of the season. How about sitting John Carlson down for a game or two?? He hasn't looked the same all year, and frankly he's playing like he's been hitting the bong before games. Wake up man! Too much talent is being wasted there.

I'm hoping for a gutsy win tonight for the Caps, but my hopes for this game are cautious at best.

You're Welcome, Flip!

I'm not going to sit here and take all the credit for the Wizards win last night...actually, yes I am. I wrote "Starting Insanity" almost a week ago basically begging for Flip Saunders to input Chris Singleton & Trevor Booker into the starting five.

After losing 2 more games Flip finally came to his senses. My guess is that he & Ernie Grunfeld sat down and read my article together. No need to thank me boys, just don't F*ck it up by putting Rashard Lewis or Andray Blatche back into the lineup tonight vs. Chicago...or EVER! Those 2 bring a scoring punch off the bench, albeit, it was only one game. But Hell, if it's not broke..don't fix it.

Book & Singleton bring that much needed energy right off the bat, and they can basically guard every single player on the court. Loving these young bucks so far! And how about Jan Vesely bringing down the house last night?! Not to mention he led the team with 5 steals. Jimmy Wall facilitated the sh!t out of the offense last night, and our team defense was straight up vicious. I'm still expecting some bumps along the road, but I'd rather it be with this group than with the 22 million $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Rashard Lewis, & Andray Blatche in the starting lineup...yes, that's a dollar sign for each million Lewis is making this year.

Playing the Bulls & playing for the 2nd straight night isn't going to help this (1-8) squad. But look for this starting group to set the tone again, and hopefully we can make a few shots to keep this thing close.

Fight on Wizards!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teddy Has Some Decisions to Make

Let's start with hockey. The Caps aren't a winning team. They have shown that all year. Boudreau is gone, Hunter is in, and it's the same result. Inconsistency throughout the team. Mike Green can't stay healthy. Ovechkin can't put up points consistently. Our goaltending is spotty at best. As a team, our shots per game total is plummeting. Something has to change. Coaching wasn't the answer. The core of this team needs to change. The core of Semin, Backstrom and Ovechkin has had their chance. The Caps need energy and they need it fast.
Back to back 5-2 losses out west is flat out embarrassing. Remember 3 years ago when a 3 goal deficit meant nothing? Our team had a confidence that was through the roof and nothing could bring it down. Now, if we're down, you might as well watch the Family Guy marathon on TBS because we're down for good. Ted Leonsis has to make a decision here. He either tells McPhee to make a big change, or he tells McPhee to clean out his office. Things are spiraling quickly and if Leonsis doesn't make a decision soon, it could be too late. His coach lost faith, now his players are losing faith. The fans will be next, it's just a matter of time.
Here you go Mr. Crawford.

Next up is basketball. What in the wide world of sports is going on here? The Wizards are a team with obvious problems. Flip has no control over the team. Blatche is embarrassingly slow and weak. Rashard Lewis flat out told Saunders he doesn't want to play. As for Jordan Crawford? Sorry buddy but remember when you basically said "I am the next Michael Jordan"? You would have been better off bending over and spreading your butt cheeks like Ace Ventura. This is supposed to be the beginning of a new era for DC basketball. Except there is no foundation to build off of, and no one to build it. Ernie Grunfeld, see you later. Flip Saunders, see you later. Ted Leonsis, you need to find someone who knows how to build a basketball team.

In a year where the Redskins underwhelmed everyone, they would very well end up being the least disappointing sports team in DC. Unless a lot of things change.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Losing: Up Close & Personal

I was headed down to the Wizards game last night after work, taking the Red Line for my first Zards game of the year knowing I'll be about 30 minutes late for the game. Little did I know that I was missing the best quarter and a half that Washington had played all year. After we made it to our seats, the boys, if not right on cue started to go down hill...forgetting how to play defense, throwing up bricks, & missing breakaway dunks.

With a "Pro-Knicks" crowd, halftime couldn't come soon enough. I needed to chug a couple beers before watching anymore. After Halftime we got back to our seats having a pretty solid buzz going when Wall & company started to pick things up. The Wiz showed a lot of heart down the line diving for loose balls, and not backing down to the likes of Melo, Amare, or Tyson.

My biggest issue with the game last night was the play of Andray Blatche, & Rashard Lewis. I've been on these guys' backs for over a week now and their play last night did nothing to change my mind. Dray talks about how he's not a pick & pop type of player, yet he settles for lazy jump shots? Makes no sense. And where do I even start with Lewis? The whole crowd was on this dude last night everytime he made a mistake...which was about every 2 minutes, literally. I realized that Rashard was making more in 5 minutes of playing time than I'll be making all year. The guy may be a veteran, but a player like this can easily be a cancer on your team. Is he a bad guy? No. Is he an Arenas type? Hell no. But for a guy making more than $21 million this year alone and putting up no more than 7 points and 5 boards a night can easily set teammates off. Would you be pissed if one of your co-workers was taking it easy while you're busting your ass on a daily basis? Oh, and they're making 20 times what you are?! Absolutely. He's here to collect a pay check, and that's fine..but he's not starting on my team.

Chris Singleton & Trevor Booker were studs again last night. They're young and raw, but they're hungry! These dudes play with a lot of passion and they both should get a chance at starting over Blatche & Lewis, like I've said before!

Booker was playing some tight D on Carmelo throughout the 4th quarter, and if it weren't for Anthony throwing a smack/punch in Booker's face...he would've never gotten an easy shot off to win the game. Let's be real though, it's not the first cheapshot Melo has thrown in his career. At least he didn't back-peddle all the way to locker room this time.

Overall, here were the best parts of the game in order:

5. Catching a shirt from the cannon in the "t-shirt toss' ...wrestled it away from a hysterical 9yr old
4. The continued improvement from Singleton & Booker
3. Jimmy Wall willing to take the winning shot toward the end...even though he missed
2. Sitting behind Wolf Blitzer, and seeing him just as mad as I was
1. Ordering "Carmelo Shots" at Rocket Bar after the's just 1 shot and then you run away

Fight On Wiz!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting Insanity

We all know what the definition of insanity is right? It doesn't seem like Flip Saunders understands the concept. The biggest issue for the Wizards this year isn't how they play down the stretch, it isn't that they're getting completely outrebounded...anybody who watches the game can tell you that they don't come ready to play at tip-off. This team has been consistently getting themselves into holes in every game (outside of being hyped for the home opener vs. NJ & jumping on a Boston team who's average age is about 52yrs old. Of the other 4 losses so far this year the Wizards have been outscored in the 1st quarter 121-72..that's an average of 30-18 per game. Let's face it, this team doesn't have the fire power to overcome that type of deficit..especially on the road! In those same 4 games they've only been outscored by an average of 23-22 over the next 3 quarters. HELLOOOOO?!?!?! Am I the crazy one? Or does it seem like we need to change up the starting rotation? Our starting 5 is a straight up joke, and pretty much a punch line in every locker room throughout the NBA. A starting 5 that includes underachievers such as Rashard Lewis & Andray Blatche is just embarrassing. I don't care how much money they're making..they don't deserve that starting spot until they start playing like they want it!

I have to remind myself that John Wall is only 21, and would be equivalent to a Junior in College. Derrick Rose is 2yrs older (surrounded by much better players), Rajon Rondo is 4yrs older (surrounded by Hall of Famers), & Chris Paul is 5yrs older with way more experience. If we continue to compare Wall to these players at this point, then we will continue to be disappointed. He's young, growing, maturing, & we need to stay patient (or get him Dwight Howard). I read Jason Reid's article this morning about John Wall being somewhat depressed with the situation he is in here..which is a losing one. I know this is a lot to ask of a 21yr old kid, but he needs to realize that this is his team (no matter what Dray says into a mic). We're all looking to him to band this thing together. It's hard to want leadership out of a player where you also realize that he needs time to grow. But hell, this is DC baby..and if anything came easy we'd call this town Boston or LA.

If Flip can't see past the end of his nose that things are quickly unraveling, then maybe he should be the first to go. But the first change should be the starting line-up tomorrow night vs. NYK at Verizon Center. Here's my hopeful starting 5: