Friday, November 4, 2011

Neuvy Gets the Net

The Carolina Hurricanes have been looking up at the Caps the past 4 years in the Southeast division, but they are no slouches. Cam Ward will likely get the start tonight and has gone 5-0-2 in his last seven while boasting a 1.82 goals against average. Across the ice, Neuvy will get the start in net, who has had a lackluster, injury filled start to the season so I won't even mention his 4.10 goals against average or his 87.7 save percentage. . .whoops! I have a ton of faith in Neuvy and his lightning quick glove hand because I have seen what he can do. He has the ability to shut down opposing teams and keep us in the game. Fortunately for Neuvy, he won't be the focal point in tonight's game.

All eyes will be on Alexander Ovechkin to see how he reacts to his "benching" in the final minutes of the Ducks game. I could easily rant and rave about how stupid this entire story is, but I won't, because that's not what blogs are for. . . or is it?

Hold the GRAVY this story is annoying. Since when is sitting out for 45 seconds considered benching? The Caps had a line that ended up scoring 7 points that night, THEY belonged on the ice. End of story, period, YAHTZEE. I couldn't be happier that the Caps won this game, because if they had lost, all hell would have broken loose. It's like a fake field goal; genius coaching move when it works, terrible gaffe if it doesn't. There is no in between. I'm sure Chad Dukes would be calling for Boudreau's head if they had lost that game. Well actually probably not because they don't talk about the Caps on his show because they don't take ANY time to talk about a winning team that has sold out every game the last 4 years.


Anywho, best case scenario, Ovi comes out with a lot of fire, lays a couple of big hits, puts one in the back of the net, and Neuvy makes a couple big stops early to get settled in net. Worst case scenario, Ovi comes out too hard, takes a penalty, Caps go down a man and give up an early goal. My guess, the Laich, Chimera, Ward line gets the start and has another great game.

Carolina Hurricanes Tailgate

Caps WIN 4-2.
(Carolina gets a garbage goal in the last 4 minutes to make the game look nicer.)