Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the Flip is Going On?

The NBA was locked out for what seemed like minutes? Or days? Months? I'm not really sure because I didn't think about it all that much. I honestly didn't think we would have a season this year. But, alas we will have a season, and the Wizards' start on December 26th. Training camp began a couple weeks ago and I followed along. Michael Lee reported what seemed to be every minute of camp. Players told him there was a huge buzz at camp. Their in house scrimmages were off the charts. I couldn't believe the hype that was building around this team. This hype built an anticipation for their opening preseason game against Philly. Fans expected an improved John Wall, a dedicated Andrey Blatche, and a focused JaVale McGee. Well, sometime expectations can be a set up for disappointment. The Wizards do not look poised to make a splash this season. If anything, it seems like they are taking a step back. Jordan Crawford has looked abysmal, taking quick jump shots before any kind of offense has time to function. The silver lining? This team has a ton of potential. McGee has a frame like Kevin Garnett and can jump out of the building. John Wall just might be the fastest player in the NBA, and we resigned Nick Young for the year. And guess what? Those damn jerseys look SEXY. I love the old school look. So at least I have something good to look at. I'll just put a sticky note over the scoreboard on my TV this season.

Anyway, I'm a little off track, but here's the point of this article. I'm wondering if Flip has the ability to motivate these guys. Can he get these guys going? This is a team FULL of young talent. They are in a critical moment for their development as players. They need a coach that pushes them and drives them to reach their full potential. Right now, it's sloppy. Let's just hope it's the short training camp that has them in a bit of a funk. If not, Flip Saunders will have some 'splaining to do. And I think it's beginning to look like we could have 2 new head coaches in the Verizon Center by the end of this season. I'm rooting for you Flip, but I want to see these young studs develop.

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