Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something to Cheer About

We like Roy Helu
Chris Mortenson of ESPN is the only analyst that I know who picked the Skins to win this one. Most predictions were a blowout victory for the Patriots. The Skins held their own and played up to their opponents level for this one, which is a great sign for the character of this team. The season is over as far as playoffs go, Injuries and suspensions have piled up so much that this offense's only familiar face is Rex Grossman. Yet, the New England Patriots came into town and the Skins made a game of it. This was the first game I watched this season thinking I was getting ready to watch a blood bath. Even with a loss, there are a ton of positives to take from this game.

  • The offensive line is gaining invaluable experience. Rex Grossman holds on to the ball far too long, and has zero pocket presence, but the O-line gave him enough time to be successful. The fumble in the end zone was 100% Rex's fault for holding the ball too long.
  • Roy Helu is consistently putting up numbers. For the third straight game, he has put up over 100 yards rushing. He is an explosive back that is making a serious case for being the number one back next year. If we add a goal line back, our running game should only look even better next year.
  • Welcome Perry Riley. This guy looks good. He plays hard and hits harder. London Fletcher is impossible to replace, but I'll feel much better knowing Perry Riley has a new contract. He signed a 4 year deal in 2010, and London Fletcher will be 40 years old at that point, and Perry Riley better be getting a fresh new contract. 
  • For all the crap the coaching staff gets for not making adjustments and poor play calling, they proved that they can do both today. Brandon Banks threw a touchdown on an end-around pass to Santana Moss, and Mike Shanahan retooled his offensive line for the sixth time this season, while making adjustments to the game plan after Sellars went down.
Obviously everything wasn't positive, but I'm pumped to write something good for a change. Yes, the Patriot's defense is bad, but we exploited their weaknesses with a rookie running back, a makeshift offensive line, and a bevy of older wide outs. The coaching staff and the players gave fans something to cheer about, and hope for the future of this organization. Kudos to the players for busting their asses out there when the only thing to play for is pride.

 Bring on the New York Giants!

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