Monday, December 12, 2011

Manning to DC? It Could Happen. . .

The Indianapolis Colts face a fork in the road once this season comes to a close. Break it down any way you want it, but it comes down to choosing between Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning. The Colts will have to decide which one before they pay Manning his $28 million bonus this spring. We can speculate all we want, but no one outside of the Colts' organization knows which way they'll turn. History would say Peyton Manning has played his last game as a Colt and will finish his career somewhere else. Seems bonkers to picture Peyton in any uniform but a Colts' uni, but hey, it's happened before. Joe Montana was traded to the Chiefs, even Brett Favre played for his arch rival, the Minnesota Vikings. How about another great Colts QB Johnny Unitas? He is considered the greatest quarterback in NFL history by many, yet he was traded to San Diego at the end of his career.
Bottom line, don't think Peyton Manning is untradable. When it comes down to it, the NFL is a business and Jim Irsay will do what he thinks is best for the future of his organization. The question is, who will go after the Manning the hardest? McNabb was a mistake, but bringing Manning to DC would be a perfect move for the Skins. But what would we have to give up? Definitely our first rounder this year, and hopefully nothing more than a 2nd rounder in 2013, considering Snyder would be saving the Colts a cool $28 million. For the record, it Manning came to DC, I would spend the next few months learning how to do a standing back flip just so I could celebrate the right way. Peyton Manning starting at QB the next 3 years and training a young quarterback to play as he does? The only way that's a bad idea is if we can't get a QB in the first round. Here's three different scenario's that I could see going down, assuming we earn a top 5 pick:

Scenario 1: Skins get Manning

Redskins trade:
2012 1st round pick
2013 2nd round pick
Ryan Torain

Colts Trade:
Peyton Manning
2012 3rd round pick

Redskins draft:
Landry Jones in the 2nd round

Scenario 2: Skins use first pick on a QB 

Redskins draft: 
Robert Griffin (assuming he enters the draft, which I'm sure he will) or Matt Barkley of USC. For the record I am not a Barkley fan. All I see is Matt Leinart 2.0

Scenario 3: Skins use first pick on OL

Redskins Draft:
-Matt Kalil of USC. Put him on the left side, move Trent Williams to the right side.
-Draft either Landry Jones of Oklahoma or Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State.


All 3 scenarios have their risks and rewards. The safest scenario seems like number 2, but the third one would give us two great offensive tackles for the next 10 years. Right now the first scenario is certainly the most risky, but seems right up Daniel Snyder's alley doesn't it?

What do you guys think? Or do you have your own scenario? Bring in the comments!

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