Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Opinion: Skins Dominate Giants. Good or Bad?

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This is a pretty touchy topic right now. The Skins are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so fans immediately start thinking draft spot. Well, some fans anyway. There are basically two sides to this argument. You either can't wrap your mind around the idea that losing games can be a positive, or you want the Skins to lose out the season in order to improve their draft pick. Here's what I think.

What is the goal for the season? The entire reason the NFL exists, besides for profit obviously, is to get to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. If your a player, you've probably lived your whole life with that goal. Girls dream of their perfect wedding, kissing the man they have waited for their entire life. Football players dream of that perfect season, kissing the shiny Lombardi trophy they have waited for their entire life. Perfect analogy? I tend to think so. That being said, teams will never tank a season for a draft pick. As much sense as it would make for the future, no team with that mindset will be successful no matter how many number one draft picks they "earn". Therefore, should we be happy that the Skins crushed the Giants for the second time this season? Absolutely. I loved the way they played. I hate the Giants and their "if we played the Redskins 100 times we would win 99 of them" attitude. And more importantly, I hate watching the Redskins play awful football. So, when the season ends prematurely and we start to look at draft picks, winning is still the number one goal, and a higher draft pick is merely the silver lining of a late season loss.

You'll never see me complain about at Redskin victory, no matter when it comes during the season, but don't look for me to jump for joy and talk about how this team is turning it around either. They are just finally playing football without the pressure of the fanbase needing success on their backs. Until they learn to play with that pressure. This team will struggle to play at the level we saw this past week on a consistent basis.

So what do you guys think? Glad they pummeled the Giants? Or are you pissed that we are moving down the draft order? Share your thoughts.

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