Monday, December 5, 2011

Quit Flippin' Out

I watched Flip Saunders' press conference the other day, and I was getting pretty pissed off at some of the things he was saying. I don't mind when he calls players out for playing like sh!t, but when you start telling the media that your team needs to grow up because of certain "youtube videos" they've posted...then I've got a problem with that.

How can you not laugh at this?!

These Wizards/Bullets players aren't being influenced anymore by a guy who went from being a Hero to a Zero faster than Chris Webber smoking a fat blunt on the way to practice. Actually, I guess the guy always was a zero. JaVale McGee & Nick Young are having harmless fun, and what Flip unfortunately didn't mention is that they're also spending a lot of time in their communities trying to help out, and doing things the right way.

As long as these two aren't bringing guns to work, sh!tting in Dray's shoes, or act like these two idiots, then I'll let their play on the court decide their maturity level.
Nick and JaVale are becoming the veterans of the team, and they need to show our younger guys what it's like to be a professional "at work". If their outside life is affecting their play, then Flip, you may speak up. Until then, chill out and if you must call them out, then why not do it for this kind of stuff:

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