Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ready to Launch

Wizards fans have so much to look forward to this 2011-12 NBA season. Jimmy Wall is back in action, and looks much improved from his already stellar rookie season (minus Monday vs. New Jersey). Jordan Crawford is on the verge of a breakout season, even with Nick Young back. Look for this kid to become a 12-20 point scorer a night. Andray Blatche is speaking like a veteran, and actually working like one...having a similar body frame to Dray's, I always knew I could make it in the NBA. But watch out, I think I saw some muscle on the kid this year. I'm looking for a huge season from him! JaVale McGee has been getting praise from the media so far in camp for his improved play, but I don't like seeing him on the bench at the end of games. So make sure you keep an eye out for that tonight. I'd love to see McGee banging against Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Brooks Lopez, etc. and really show these guys that there's a new big man in town.

Young pups like Jan Vesely, Shelvin Mack, & Kevin Seraphin need to learn on the fly, and try to earn some playing time through practice. I think Jan can fly with anyone in this league, but give him some time to adjust from the European style of ball. Don't put high expectations on him early, let him learn and grow...and hopefully bring his girlfriend to the games.

Key role players this year besides Nick Young will be Chris Singleton, Trevor Booker, Roger Mason Jr., & Ronny Turiaf. I love the energy that Booker & Turiaf bring to the game..but their biggest issue is going to be trying to stay healthy. Chris Singleton is my diamond in the rough this year. I think we're going to look back at this draft and say he was one of the top 5 picks. The kid is straight nasty on D..he can guard all 5 positions, and as soon as his offensive game starts to out! Same thing with Chris though, injuries have to stay away.

I know the season got off to a rocky start the other night against the Nets, and the lack of "star-power" may ultimately doom this team...but I think they have a true leader in John Wall who won't let this team go down without a fight. Players need to breakout this year in order for them to improve. But if the growth for players like Blatche, McGee, Young, & Crawford don't improve over past seasons...we have another "Lottery Party" to look forward to next summer. My hope is that they can sneak into that 8th spot in the East...the key number for this season  is 30. 30 wins in a 66 game season doesn't seem too great. But it's achievable, and it's 7 more wins than we had last year in an 82 game schedule.

Tonight's Game:
WSH Wiz @ ATL Hawks
prediction: ATL 102 - WSH 90

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