Friday, December 9, 2011

Great Wall to Superman? I'm Down!

With all of these "super teams" in the NBA now, and the proposed Chris Paul to LA got me thinking. I know the Paul deal was shutdown, but another big name that's been floating around as of late is Dwight Howard. He's been linked in trades to LA, NY, & NJ. With a 95% chance that he won't be coming back to Orlando, the Magic are absolutely entertaining offers before the season starts.
The Wizards have a solid core of young players surrounded around their franchise cornerstone in John "Jimmy" Wall. But how about some of our young talent for the best big man in the game (and only 26..birthday was yesterday). The dude is a freak of nature, but you may ask yourself why would he ever want to come to DC?? One reason...John Wall. There are only a handful of point guards in this league as dynamic as Wall, and we're lucky enough to have him.
Players like Dwight Howard aren't dangled out there for a trade very often. So Ernie Grunfeld, PLEASE consider your options here. Giving up some of our young talent for the best center in the game is well worth the trade off for me! This trade would immediately make us contenders. Rebuild over...

Here is my proposal:

Wizards Trade:
-Nick Young (sign & trade)
-JaVale Mcgee
-Jan Vesely
-Two 1st round draft picks

Magic Trade:
-Dwight Howard (agreement to sign extension with Wiz)
-Hedo Turkoglu

New Starting Line-up:

PG John Wall
SG Jordan Crawford
SF Hedo Turkoglu
PF Andray Blatche
C Dwight Howard

PF Trevor Booker
PG Shelvin Mack
SF Chris Singleton
C Kevin Seraphin

You now amnesty Rashard Lewis' over $21million/yr contract, and go get reliable veteran free agents such as:

-J.J. Barea
-Roger Mason
-Kurt Thomas
-Josh Howard (reduced contract!)

Am I crazy? What do you all think??


  1. No, wait till next year then get a good player in the draft and try to court superman in free agency.

  2. I feel only worry is that Dwight signs a long-term deal elsewhere before he even hits the open market. Then we only have 2 years until Wall potentially jumps ship