Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chad Dukes Hang Up on You Too?

Motivation. If you take an action, an idea, a sentence, a product, anything at all, and break it down, what's inside? Some kind of motivation. This blog is no different. Although there are many different reasons for the creation of this blog, number one on the list is frustration. No, I was not hung up on by Chad Dukes, but there are countless who have. I'm sick and tired of listening to Chad Dukes put down callers, hang up on callers and basically act like one big douche just because he is sitting next to LaVar Arrington every day. When the show first started, listeners were able to call in, say what they wanted in an open forum and be heard without prejudice, judgment or interruption. Unfortunately for every DMV Sports fan, this is no longer the case. Every day on my drive to and from work my options for local sports radio are AM radio, or The Junkies in the morning and LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 the FAN in the evening. This blog is our putting an end to it. If you are SICK and TIRED of being treated like you don't know anything because you either aren't in radio, or haven't played professionally, join us in this quest. Join us in the revolution. Because every once in awhile, revolution is a good thing.

Right now there is only one option for sports radio in the DMV. Our goal is to double that. Check in daily for conversations, critiques, and about ANYTHING DMV sports. Shoot me an email if you have questions or something you want us to cover. DMV sports fans, we are here for you!