Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pregame Bullsheet

What Up Sports World,

My name is Rick, an avid sports fan of our beloved DMV (actually just the D&M, but I won't discriminate). I grew up playing every sport you can think of...doesn't matter if I was actually good at them or not, so shut up! I'm born and raised in MD and have loved our Skins, Caps, Bullets, Terps, DC United, & Orioles since forever. And no, I am not a Nationals fan. Just because a new team rolls into town doesn't mean you jump ship! If that were the case, I would've been a Ravens fan a long time ago...but F*ck that noise. If you are one of these unfortunate Natty or Purple Nurple fans have no fear..I'll still give you all a shout out from time to time.
Alright bottom main man Ben & I are here to give you an outlet where you can come to post your thoughts or vent your frustrations without listening to nails on a chalkboard aka Mike Wise or having to watch sports shows that show nothing more than Larry MichaelS or Chick Hernandez. We'll be posting different sports topics from the DMV throughout the week and sprinkle in a few national headlines. I also enjoy drinking...a lot, so if you read one of my posts that makes absolutely no apologies.



  1. Please disregard anything this person says. Not only does he look like an idiot but he talks out of his ass a lot!

  2. If this were Facebook I would "Like" the sh!t out of that comment