Monday, October 31, 2011

Right on Schedule (Part 1 of 3)

Every media outlet in the DMV had their own opinion about the Redskins in late August, but they all were saying the same better than 8-8, and that's probably a stretch. Now I'm no math major or anything but I'm pretty sure that puts the Skins right on schedule at this point in the season. But if you listen carefully to the radio, or read the Post, maybe even turn on the local sports would think that we were in Miami talking about the Dolphins. As long as the Skins are still competing at a high level, win or lose..that's OK with me. Whether or not anybody wants to admit it, we're rebuilding. But the performance I witnessed yesterday was unacceptable..whether you're fighting for the playoffs or going through a down season.
So now that we've been shutout, lost 3 straight, and have fallen to's time to get rid of the coaches, players, and maybe even Bruce Allen. Wait a second, I don't know if I sound more like the local media or an emotional teenage girl. Everyone knew that we weren't going to be very good this year, but now that that's are ready to blow it up. If you feel like the Skins gave you false hope starting 3-1, or that maybe you feel as though they've let you down somehow...then you're probably right. But you should be used to it by now...hell we're Skins fans!
When a coach is hired in the NFL you should expect a 4-year window to turn things around and right the ship. We're in year two, and there isn't one fan out there who can tell me that we're worse off now than we were last year. We're starting to put the right pieces together, but we still have aways to go.
It's a bumpy road Skins fans, always has been, always will be...but the true Redskin fans will hang on throughout. Everyone else will jump off along the way. And I say good riddance!
Stay patient, stay passionate...

Fight On!

-Check back in tomorrow to catch part 2 of this article when I talk about Shanahan's press conference, Brian Mitchell's swagger, & the future of Chris Cooley.


  1. Thank you for finally covering that factor. Far too many people out there that will jump off and on the skins local wagon from week to week. And its a shame that when you say rebuilding, that includes 70% of our defense.


  2. Thanks for the comment Muel! You're completely right, glad to see you're a diehard Skins fan. Go check out the new link I just put up under the "Skins" tab. It's something else we see often in this area...