Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About the "Author?"

BEN. Short, simple, dare I say. . . perfect.

Here's a quick bio of one of the men behind the curtain for this blog. I've stared at this screen for a few minutes filtering out important information from the unimportant, or vice versa, and then it hit me like Brian Orakpo hit Cam Newton's spine. Most of my background doesn't matter. If I took the time to create a blog dedicated to professional sports in the DMV, that sums it up fairly well I would think. Most people who read this blog can probably relate at least on an extremely superficial level to me. We've all felt the sting of what seemed like 72 botched snaps and missed field goals in 1999. We all feel as though we are stuck in some kind of "sports owner purgatory" while stuck with Dan Snyder and Peter Angelos running the show. But hey, in the end it's all good because at least there is a show, right?

Rick and I have followed sports in this area since I can remember. We agree on a lot but we disagree on more and thats what I think will make this a great, good, readable blog. I hope you find a little humor and some entertainment while reading this blog. If not, we'll just drink a lot and post pictures of hot girls.