Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Setting the Tone

Speculation has been flying around over the past week about what the Caps will do to Rene Bourque when he faces Washington for the first time since sending Nick Backstrom to IR. After the initial incident, the media was all over the team for not standing up for their teammate, not to mention their best player so far this year. You can't let other teams in this league think that you're soft or they'll take advantage of you everytime they play you.

The first names that come to mind when thinking of who will try and fight Bourque are Hendricks, Brouwer, or Chimera. Erskine is out of his weight class, not to mention out of the lineup for the time being. But why should it always be up to these players to stand up for their teammates? Is it part of their job? I guess so. But shouldn't you expect the same thing from dare I say..their Captain???

Alex Ovechkin isn't known around the league for having hammer fists, but when you don the "C" on your jersey you better be ready to do whatever it takes to lead your team. Some may say that Ovi needs to just worry about scoring... I say f*ck that.

Ovechkin needs to be the one to set the tone tonight. Whether it's zeroing in on Rene for huge hit after hit, getting after him after the whistle for the full 60 minutes, or dropping the gloves.

This is what we need, and should come to expect of our Captain no matter who the opponent is.
I'm looking for Ovi to come out targeting more than just the net tonight. And if he shy's away for the most part tonight..then maybe we should start thinking of who should really be "leading" this hockey team.

Fight On Caps!

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