Friday, January 20, 2012

NATIONAL ALERT: Don't Become the Next UNC Walk-on

Dear future North Carolina basketball walk-ons,

I know playing for a Division I University with a storied hardwood history such as UNC  is very enticing. Especially for 18 or 19 year old kids. But please think about your options before trying out for the mighty Tar Heels.

After witnessing what took place last week between UNC & Florida State I couldn't help but get a little pissed off when thinking about the 5 young men that not only the rest of the team left hanging, but also their "almighty" coach Roy Williams left them to get trampled on by over 7,000 FSU students & fans.

After the game Williams was quoted saying that he was worried about his female team managers getting knocked down again. Yet you take all but 5 players back to the locker room before the game ends? This display by Roy Williams & UNC was nothing short of an embarrassment to not only the team but the whole University.

If I were one of those 5 players left to fend for myself while the rest of my teammates were chilling in the locker room with my "Hall of Fame" coach...I would've picked up my stuff and walked right out on them. They showed you their lack of respect for you not only as a basketball player, but also for your well-being. How can a coach be more worried about himself getting hurt than his walk-ons who bust their asses everyday in practice?

So, in conclusion, to you future college bench-warmers, try coming to a real team & University like Maryland. We don't walk out on each other in a team game. And Coach Turgeon damn sure wouldn't turn his back on you, & start running for the tunnel while you try to fight off an entire gym full of crazy ass fans.



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