Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disturbing Wizards Tweets from their Weekend in Philly

Philly just outscored the Wizards 223-179 in back to back wins. Here's what the players have to say...

Booker, one of my favorite players on the team is looking forward to his steak dinner.

Javale McGee is looking at hilarious pictures online.

Jordan Crawford is trying to expand his wardrobe. I really hope someone was able to help him out...

And there's Nick Young, finally someone saying they need to work harder. But where's the team unity?

John Wall didn't tweet it, but he's carrying the weight of the loss on his back, "I feel like I lost the game." His season high 8 turnovers definitely didn't help, but there are a ton of problems here. This team does not have any foundation to build off. This team needs yet another restart. Lewis, Blatche and maybe even Nick Young need to go. I like Nick Young as a person, but if I'm being honest, he'd be better off playing under a veteran and learning how to win. The Wizards need their own London Fletcher. Until then, they'll keep piling on the losses and as Flip Saunders so deftly stated yesterday, "playing like Space Jam."

Very glad I didn't continue my season ticket contract this year...

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