Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's no secret that Alex Semin and his hefty $6.7million contract has been on the trading block for awhile now. Not surprisingly, his trade value right now is about a -100. He's in the last year of his contract, so first tbought would be to trade him to a team looking for a playoff push...buuut it's not happening with that contract.

The current Caps roster is anything but a championship caliber squad. Will they make the playoffs? I have no doubt, but if you believe they'll make it very're just not very smart. This team was hand-picked for Boudreau's system. They're a run & gun type team who occasionlly plays lock down defense. Dale Hunter is doing his best to implement his system..but the players just don't fit the mold. I wish it were different, but I can see this unfolding very quickly come April or May.

The trade deadline is February 27th, and I would hate to see GMGM wait until then to scramble for a deal. You give up way more when your back is against the wall, and I dont think it gives you enough time to gel as a team (i.e. Jason Arnott). There are 36 games left in the season and a change needs to be made now!

This team is anything but consistant & I want nothing more than to see this team go far into May & June. But it ain't happenin with these guys. With virtually no cap space, a decent trade is hard to come by.

Here's my scenario for you to ponder:

Caps Trade:
-John Carlson (2012 RFA)
-Alex Semin (2012 UFA)
-Jeff Schultz (2014 UFA)

Edmonton Oilers Trade:
-Ryan Smyth (2012 UFA)
-Andy Sutton (2013 UFA)
-3rd Round Draft Pick

The Caps finally rid themselves of Semin & Schultz' large contracts. The only downside is giving away a young prospering talent like Carlson. But if Ted Leonsis & GMGM are serious about making a run this year..this is a trade that could do it for you!

Yes, Smyth & Sutton are both 35+, and yes, Smyth can walk away after this year. But these are the type of players that Hunter can coach, and they're tough gritty veterans that this team has SERIOUSLY been lacking for a few years now. Ryan Smyth also has a "no movement clause" in his contract, but I'm pretty certain he would accpet a trade to give him another shot at the Cup before he retires. The Oilers can take on these contracts and still stay under the salary cap, while the Caps should have almost $2million more to spend maybe come late February.

I can see many fans wondering where our scoring will come from now that Semin is gone...well folks, he only has 11 goals this year through 46 games. And we all know he disappears come playoff time. Didn't Georgey boy go out and get Joel Ward for our playoff scoring punch anyway?? If you don't understand my humor...THAT WAS A JOKE.

In all seriousness though, my hope is that the Caps have already thought of this trade & it's in the works of actually happening. Here are the line-ups that would come of this trade:



I really think this line-up is playoff tested, and could really make a difference! What do you all think??

Fight On Caps!

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